Cartagena Colombia – TOP 10 things to do Travel Guide – Travelers Tips – Caribbean

Cartagena de Indias was founded in 1535 by Pedro de Heredia as Cartagena del Poniente. When Cartagena declared its independence from Spain on November 11th 1811 it retained the name given to the town after the area of Cartagena de Levante, whose bay is similar to the Colombian coast of Cartagena.
The area was originally inhabited by the indigenous people of the Karib tribe (that’s why we call them Caribbean) during the pre-colonial era, but after the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the subsequent foundation of a town Cartagena de Indias became one of the most important ports in all America.
The privileged location on the Colombian Atlantic coast gave the Spanish people an enormous commercial power over the northern and southern continental area without a great effort. At that…


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